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German Rubtsov wants to know what cheesesteak is

One of the newest Flyers needs your help.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

For the second year in a row, the Philadelphia Flyers went with a Russian as their first pick in the NHL draft. But unlike Ivan Provorov, who came over to North America rather early to play, German Rubtsov has only played in Russia.

He's completely new to Philadelphia, so he'll need a bit of help to familiarize himself with the city. And he's already asking the important questions:

Oh yeah, he's going to need to know that one. And he's so excited to learn - welcome to Philly, German!

Maybe Provorov can help him. Remember this caption on an Instagram post of his?

I love Philly cheese steak.

A photo posted by Ivan Provorov (@ipro13) on

Two Russians, running through Philly, on the hunt for cheesesteak. That's what hockey has brought us. And that is, simply, awesome.