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Tuesday Morning Fly By: E-nough said.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

* Several years too late, but Eric Lindros was finally voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday, as was former Flyers coach Pat Quinn: [BSH]

* Why Big E deserved it: [BSH]

* Some more facts, thoughts and kind words on Lindros' career and selectoin, locally: [] [Sons of Penn] [CSN Philly]

* And nationally/from elsewhere: [ESPN] [Toronto Star] [Puck Daddy]

* And from Ron Hextall himself: []

* A letter to Pat Quinn, written back when he passed away in 2014: [Hockeybuzz]

* The Flyers gave qualifying offers to all but two of their restricted free agents yesterday: [BSH]

* Filip Forsberg got himself a six-year contract that he certainly deserves: [On the Forecheck]

* Andrew Shaw got himself a six-year contract that he certainly, uh, well ... man, what is it with Andrews and six-year contracts? [Eyes on the Prize]

* Re-ranking every team's prospect pool with the draft behind us. Flyers: still good! [B/R]

* Finally, Jaromir Jagr gave a sandwich to a guy who followed him around, because nothing is more Jaromir Jagr than giving a sandwich to someone stalking you: [Puck Daddy]