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It looks like Craig Berube just landed an AHL coaching job

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Good for Craig Berube, who’s moving to the St. Louis Blues organization as an AHL head coach.

Philadelphia Flyers v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Former Philadelphia Flyers head coach Craig Berube has been out of coaching for the 15 or so months since being fired by the team in April 2015, taking on small jobs scouting for Hockey Canada in that time.

But it looks like he’s getting back in the saddle. According to Lou Korac of, Berube will be the next head coach of the St. Louis Blues AHL affiliate, the Chicago Wolves:

(Yes, it’s weird to me too that Chicago is the AHL affiliate of the Blues.)

I’m not necessarily upset that Berube is gone as Flyers head coach, and I think that’s an opinion that most of us hold. But I’d still like to see Berube do well, especially since he’s basically a native son at this point. This gig in Chicago will be his first time working outside of the Flyers organization since 2003-04, when he played 33 games as a player for the Phantoms before moving to coaching.

He does have good experience in his one full year as an AHL head coach with the Philadelphia Phantoms in 2007-08, where he led the team to a 46-27-0-7 record and an appearance in the second round of the playoffs. Hopefully a return to the ‘A’ will help him regain his footing in the coaching world.