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Jakub Voracek is going to be a father

Here's some really fantastic off-season news!

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

There's extremely exciting news on the Jakub Voracek off-season front: he's going to be a father!

A couple of Czech outlets, including Nova Sport and Blesk, initially reported the news on May 26. If you don't want to struggle with Google Translate, here's a translated interview from Tumblr user pilatoews:áček-has-spoken-for-the-first-time-he-is-going

This is a pretty good time for Voracek's eight-year, $66 million contract to kick in then, isn't it?

I love how reassuring he is about hockey through all of this - and how wonderfully understanding his girlfriend is ready to be about everything. A sleep-deprived Voracek might have some trouble scoring much-anticipated dad goals, wouldn't he?

Still, Voracek is clearly going to have an extra-busy time when he comes back to Philadelphia - there's a lot he and his family will need to do to get ready. But his excitement is palpable, so really, this is just wonderful news.

Congrats to Jake and Nicole!