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Michael Del Zotto injury update: He's back on the ice!

And he looks really good out there, too!

Elsa/Getty Images

One of the few downsides of this past season? Michael Del Zotto's season ended on Feb. 13, otherwise known as right before the Philadelphia Flyers started pushing back to ultimately clinch a playoff spot. Del Zotto obviously wasn't the reason they'd been out of the race prior to his injury - he would've made the defense that much better, had he been able to play.

Alas, his season ended early thanks to a need for wrist surgery. It would have been 3-4 months before he would have been able to get back on the ice.

You know... about the time it is now. And like this:

Feels great to be back on the ice. Mastermind @bvally_16 with great drills. #bellows #ntr

A video posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on

Whoa. His wrist looks pretty good now, wouldn't you say? Here's to a healthy 2016-17 season - because Del Zotto looks more than ready.