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Flyers rumors: Is Dale Weise going to be the new Ryan White?

The Flyers are talking to Dale Weise as free agency is about ready to begin.

Montreal Canadiens v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Ryan White would return to the Philadelphia Flyers this summer, but ... well, it’s July 1, just a few hours before the free agency period begins and White does not have a new contract here.

So maybe negotiations aren’t going so well. And maybe that has the Flyers looking elsewhere for help on their fourth line. Like Dale Weise, perhaps.

Weise would be an improvement over White. The two scored at about the same rate last year, with Weise taking a slight 14 to 11 edge in goals. But Weise also contributed 13 assists in time with Montreal and Chicago. Here’s a look at how the two compare in some more advanced metrics:

Weise is a more productive player offensively (and it’s not really close) while defensively he’s a touch better as well. And as we noted in our review of White’s season, those offensive numbers may not hold next year. Weise has scored more than 10 goals in back-to-back years now.

The difference between the two players isn’t massive, but the money will be different.

White hasn’t signed here despite both sides making it clear at the end of the season that they were happy with the relationship, which leads me to think that White might be asking for too much money. If that’s the case, Weise could be a better option on the fourth line even if he does cost ever so slightly more.