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Flyers sign Boyd Gordon and we’re certainly hoping it’s an AHL move

Gordon shouldn’t be an NHL player on a good team, but he also hasn’t played in the AHL in 10 years.

Montreal Canadiens v Edmonton Oilers

In addition to signing Dale Weise earlier today, the Flyers have signed forward Boyd Gordon to a contract. No word on terms.

Gordon, 32, is hopefully just going to be AHL depth if all goes according to plan. The former 17th overall pick by the Capitals in 2002 has played in the NHL for the majority of his career, with 693 games under his belt. In fact, he’s been an NHL regular in each of the last 10 seasons and has played just two AHL games since 2006.

But ... well, not a very good one. In 65 games with Arizona last season he had just two goals and two assists to go along with a weak 43 percent Corsi For percentage. The concern here would be if the Flyers are signing him to be an NHL player, and given that he hasn’t played an AHL game in six years, it’s a legitimate concern.

But I can’t see a world in which Gordon is good enough to crack the Flyers lineup. He can work on the penalty kill and is considered a quality depth player with very good face off numbers, but with Dale Weise signing earlier to fill in Ryan White’s role on the fourth line, it’s hard to imagine where Gordon fits in Philadelphia. Unless they’re signing Weise as a third line player and Gordon as a fourth liner, which ... I mean, yikes.