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WATCH: Flyers prospects play volleyball, run around on the beach

Trial on the Isle is so great.

Trial on the Isle has to be one of the best things any team does during any development camp. Sure, there are the on-ice sessions, and the scrimmages, and the chance to see some of the kids your team drafted up close for the first time - but it's also summer, and summer time is beach time.

So it's awesome that the Flyers do that. And it's even more awesome that they record it.

The Flyers have gifted us with footage of and from 2016 second round pick Wade Allison, as we either see beach volleyball from his perspective - which is always cool - or watch him running around with a GoPro strapped to his head. And doing whatever silly little celebration he's doing about 20 seconds in.

Plus, all the wonderful beach workouts courtesy of Cole Bardreau's perspective:

Is there any better way to pass the time in July than by watching shirtless Flyers prospects participate in fun beach activities? Probably not.