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Here are four Michael Del Zottos, all working out

Four videos? But not at once? Tell me more.

You guys, I love Michael Del Zotto's Instagram account. Love it. It's one of the most redeeming parts of the boredom that is the off-season, because he's pretty much constantly on it and posting stuff.

Sometimes it's fun and frivolous; sometimes it's actually related to his job. Like his recovery from wrist surgery, and following on-ice sessions - those were awesome.

Well, here he is, doing his off-season workout. Better yet, here are four exercises. In a single Instagram post. Because Michael Del Zotto.

Flex Friday circuit training. @matt_nichol @biosteelsports. @lukegazdic @davidfriedmann9 630 am morning crew! #tarpsoptional

A video posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on

I was disappointed at first they all aren't going at once, but this was probably the better call. Much easier to watch than all at once.

Also, damn dude, he looks fit. Which, of course he should... but still. We get it MDZ, you're strong. (Please keep it up and be ready to kick ass officially starting in October!)