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Wade Allison's self-evaluation, via The Players' Tribune

He's physical, and he likes scoring. What's not to love?

Jeffrey T. Barnes/Getty Images

With their fourth pick of the 2016 NHL Draft, the Philadelphia Flyers picked up Wade Allison: a 6'2, 205 lb. right winger coming off of a .84 point per game season in the USHL.

That's what a basic look at his stat sheet will tell you - and, indeed, how his "job application" from The Players' Tribune starts out, too. But there's more we can learn from him there.

For example, one of the top questions is about what won't show up on a stat sheet. Allison's answer? "Being physical," and with that size, yeah, that definitely makes sense. (Though it's really good he can still put up the points, too; otherwise, he probably wouldn't have been drafted in the second round, right?)

I love the "create a player" section too, because you can see exactly how he sees himself. Pretty even across the board: but a little better at scoring and physical play than the rest.

Plus the total lack of defensemen in his ideal 3-on-3 teams. Gotta love it.