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Holy crap, Ed Snider’s California home is seriously unbelievable

We wrote about Ed Snider’s unbelievable California mansion hitting the market last month, and it’s still up for sale by his estate for a completely affordable $52 million.

But we found the real estate listing for the first time today, and ... I mean, oh my God. This house is seriously incredible. Just going to share a few of the photos with you and let them speak for themselves.

We’re pretty sure this is where Mr. Snider watched Flyers games. There are plenty of stories out there of him inviting folks over for games in his basement, and ... well, this seems like a pretty great place to watch a game.

Zillow estimates the monthly mortgage payment at $192,916. So if we get 100 people together we can all pay less than $2,000 per month! Who’s in?

all photos via Zillow