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Pascal Laberge writes about how hockey helped him through a difficult time

Family illnesses have already seen him go through a lot.

Jeffrey T. Barnes/Getty Images

Before the Philadelphia Flyers selected Pascal Laberge in the second round at 36th overall, he wrote for The Players' Tribune about how much that would mean to him.

It means a lot to any hockey player - but that thought comes at the end of Laberge's piece, because he had to go through so much more to get there.

We're talking the heavy stuff. His mom has multiple sclerosis. His step-mom lost her battle with cancer. His dad had cancer, too. And when all that's going on - even when it's your dad who got you into hockey, and who was so proud from such an early age - it can be hard to focus on the ice, even when it's your draft year.

But with a good support system and awesome teammates, Laberge was able to pull through - and hopefully, his dream of his first NHL goal will come true. Hearing his name called at the draft already happened.

His piece is excellent, and gives you a better understanding of just where the Flyers' second pick of the 2016 draft is coming from - and makes it that much easier to root for him.

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