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It’s 100 degrees out, so watch these videos of Flyers prospects on ice at development camp

Flyers prospects are on the ice today in Voorhees and the sights and sounds are beautiful.

I can never really get into development camp that much. I understand that it’s important for the players and the organization for a lot of reasons — namely, it gets young players acclimated to an NHL environment both on the ice and off — but in terms of being a spectator, it’s really just an elaborate week of drills.

You can see some things -- the slick hands of that new forward prospect or the quick lateral movement of that new goalie prospect — but it’s really, truly hard to glean much actual knowledge about the NHL future of these guys during a week of practice in July. Players will stand out and impress, and they will say things to the media that might be interesting. But any real attempt to gain long-term, meaningful knowledge about their hockey skills and player development this week is probably a bit overblown.

But ... that said, it’s pushing 100 degrees today. There won’t be real Flyers hockey again for months. And today at the Skate Zone in Voorhees there are people in Flyers uniforms shooting pucks and skating. That’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s a collection of videos from camp today. We’ll have more on the actual hockey stuff from Charlie O’Connor, who is in Voorhees for us today, later on. But for now, just open this up in an extra tab on your computer and listen to the sweet sounds of hockey on this blistering hot summer day. It’s glorious.

#Flyers 2nd Round pick Pascal Laberge & camp invitee Mike Vecchione (Union College) in forward passing drills. #FlyersDevCamp

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OK, carry on with your Thursday.