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German Rubtsov tells Russian media that he’s staying in the KHL for two years

In a recent interview in Russia, Flyers draftee German Rubtsov said that he won’t be getting out of his KHL contract.

2016 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Flyers first round pick German Rubtsov left no doubt about his contract status and immediate NHL future in a recent interview with Russian TV station 360 TV.

He’s staying in Russia for the next two years.

“After the draft, nothing has changed for me,” Rubtsov said. “My main goal is to get into [the KHL], and I will do everything in my power to get into Vityaz and into the Russian youth team. It was discussed with the Philadelphia Flyers. I have a contract and it would be better for me to spend that time in the KHL. There were no options to buy the contract out, so I will continue to carry it out and at the moment.”

When asked through a translator at the draft two weeks ago, Rubtsov said that his agent was working to get him out of his Russian contract, which lasts for two more seasons with HC Vityaz. Rubtsov played for the club’s lower-tier junior team previously but appears likely to jump up to their KHL squad this coming season.

Ron Hextall said at the draft that he didn’t expect Rubtsov to be able to get out of the deal, and that when the Flyers made the pick they were comfortable with him playing up to two years in the KHL.

“He’s got a two-year deal right now,” Hextall said. “Whether [he gets out of it] or not, we don’t know. We’re prepared if he’s gotta stay there for two years, so be it. If he can come over before, that’s terrific. We understand all the possibilities and are comfortable with it. ... We’re prepared that he’s going to the KHL this season.”

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

“I'll work off the whole contract here in Russia, at least that is the situation now. There will be no escaping or contract termination. Nothing similar to escapes of [Sergei] Fedorov or [Alex] Mogilny. I do not need such scandals.”

thanks to Elena Khabarova for the translation help