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Wayne Simmonds' Road Hockey Warriors looks like it was awesome

He's an expert at giving back.

Today was Wayne SimmondsRoad Hockey Warriors tournament, and judging by just how active not only his Twitter but even Sportchek's was, it looks like it was a success.

(That little girl has excellent fashion sense!)

Simmonds' focus on giving back to the neighborhood he grew up in is awesome - and it makes it all the better that he's there himself to meet the kids who look up to him.

Well, him and a whole lot of other awesome hockey players:

(Ronald McDonald just creeping on the back is... it's something. I'm not sure what it is, but it's definitely noticeable. And kind of amazing!)

Simmonds had some strong parting words as well as the day came to an end:

It's awesome to see Simmonds leading by example with this day.