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Radel Fazleev gives us his best Rocky impression

He lived his dream.

The 2016-17 season is Radel Fazleev's 20-year-old year, and as such, it's time for him to go professional. He had a good junior career with the Calgary Hitmen, putting up 147 points over 168 games. A .875 point per game pace for someone who moved halfway around the world just to play hockey? That's pretty good - and all the better that the Philadelphia Flyers scooped him up in the sixth round.

Speaking of Philadelphia, the city has quite a few sights to see. The Flyers could be considered one of them, but definitely one of the most iconic are the Rocky Steps.

So it's a really good thing the Flyers ended up drafting Fazleev - so he could do this.

radel fazleev rocky

This is awesome. It's always great to see prospects embrace their new NHL cities - and really do it with as much heart as this.

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