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Flyers Top 25 Under 25: Cast your ballot in our annual prospects ranking

For the first time, we’re opening our annual ranking of Philadelphia Flyers prospects up to the BSH community

2016 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes/Getty Images

[ED. NOTE: We will be tallying the submissions on Saturday, 8/26, some time around noon ET. If you wish to have your ballot counted, please submit it by then. Thank you!]


As has become a yearly tradition here at Broad Street Hockey in the month of August, we’re getting ready to rank the 25 top players in the Flyers organization under the age of 25. It’s the BSH Top 25 Under 25.

Last summer, we named Sean Couturier the top player in the organization under the age of 25, and he’s back again on this year’s ballot. (Couturier also took the top spot in the 2014 summer rankings, as well as the smaller mid-term update we did this past February.) Still hard to believe he’s only 23.

Brayden Schenn, ranked second behind Couturier last year, turned 25 literally today so he’s no longer on the ballot. He’s the biggest name to “graduate” from this annual ranking.

For the first time this year, we’re opening up the ballot to you — the BSH community. Below, you’ll see the full ballot where you can cast your vote. We ask that you vote on this the same way we as a writing staff do -- evaluate their potential without putting too much weight on it, because potential is a tricky thing to forecast. Put extra weight on their current value to the organization as a whole. These are the top 25 players under 25 right now, not necessarily down the line.

All community votes will be tallied up, and the community consensus vote will be added to the tally alongside the rest of the staff. You’ll see the results of your vote as we begin to reveal the Top 25 ranking in the coming weeks.

Thanks for joining us this year. You can cast your ballot below. If the embedded form below is tough for you to use (particularly if you’re on a mobile device), you can also open it up here.