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Flyers unveil 50th Anniversary season jersey, featuring a lot of gold

Gold numbers and outlines everywhere. What do you think?

via @NHLFlyers

The Flyers had previously announced that, as part of their 50th anniversary celebration this year, they would be introducing a new alternate jersey this season, and up until today all we knew about said jersey was that it involved a lot of orange:

There has since been some speculation (including here!) on what the jerseys may look like, but today the Flyers finally unveiled their 50th anniversary season jerseys in a press conference at Liberty Place and a press conference:

Soooooooo gold numbers and captain’s patch, with gold outline on the logo and letters. As part of the Golden Anniversary celebration, you can see what the team was going for here, but ... it just looks odd. Rather than overwhelming orange (as we thought we may see from the above preview), the team went for gold mixed in with their traditional three colors, and I can’t help but think that this looks like an odd cousin of an Anaheim Ducks jersey.

In any case, team president Paul Holmgren announced that the jersey will be worn 12 times this season, similar to the schedule the team had with the third jerseys (the 2012 Winter Classic jerseys) in each of the last two seasons. It is safe to assume that those will be taken out of the rotation with these in.

Those 12 games -- all home games — are:

  • October 20, the home opener, vs. Anaheim
  • November 2 vs. Detroit
  • November 19 vs. Tampa Bay
  • November 25 vs. NY Rangers
  • December 3 vs. Chicago
  • December 10 vs. Dallas
  • December 21 vs. Washington
  • January 7 vs. Tampa Bay
  • January 21 vs. New Jersey
  • February 2 vs. Montreal
  • February 4 vs. LA
  • February 11 vs. San Jose

Note that all 12 of those games are before the Flyers’ outdoor game with Pittsburgh on February 25, so read into that what you will. Icethetics suggested back in June that there could be a fourth jersey in the works, which would be worn for that outdoor game. No word on that yet, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled. because apparently this jersey is not the one the Flyers will be wearing that night:

So, for those of you who may not be fans of the gold, you’ll get another shot at a new jersey to love later this year.

But until then, what do you think of the new jerseys?

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