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WATCH: This Jakub Voracek goal

It’s his first at the World Cup of Hockey!

World Cup Of Hockey 2016 - Team Europe v Czech Republic Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s September, and Jakub Voracek is already on the board.

Well, not as a Flyer, but he’s got his first goal in the World Cup of Hockey for the Czech Republic. Down by one in the second period, Voracek was able to get the puck past Jaroslav Halak with a hell of a shot to tie the game.

The Czechs ultimately lost 3-2 to Team Europe in overtime, and were basically eliminated from the semifinals as a result, with still a game against Team USA to go.

But geez, that Voracek shot. He wasted no time in picking up the puck Michal Jordan was able to chip up into the offensive zone, and even less time settling it down and absolutely rifling it for an awesome goal.

It took Voracek 17 games last season to get his first of just 11 on the year. If he keeps shooting like that, he’ll definitely be scoring much sooner, and much more often.