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Radko Gudas injured, will be evaluated on a “week to week basis”

Some surprise injury news pops up over the holiday weekend, as we learn that defenseman Radko Gudas will miss the World Cup and likely some of training camp as well.

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

UPDATE, Sunday 9/4: Jedlicka reported today that coach Josef Jandac confirmed that Gudas’ injury was a wrist injury.

Not great news for Gudas, but Jedlicka did follow up saying that he does not expect Gudas to miss regular-season games. We’ll hear more about this as we get closer to training camp. Original post from Saturday below.


Earlier today, news broke that Radko Gudas would miss the World Cup of Hockey — he was set to compete with Team Czech Republic — with what Czech reporter Roman Jedlicka claimed was a wrist injury. While we still can’t confirm the wrist injury part, we now know for sure that Gudas was somehow injured, as the Flyers have released a statement on the status of their big defenseman:

"Radko Gudas sustained an upper body injury during his offseason training and will be evaluated on a week to week basis. We are hopeful and optimistic that he will not miss any regular season games.”

This news is a bit out of nowhere and, since it’s the Flyers and all, we’re unlikely to receive any more specific details from them. That the team is “hopeful and optimistic that [Gudas] will not miss any regular season games” is good, I guess, but the statement would suggest that Gudas will likely be limited for some or possibly all of training camp.

Gudas, coming off of a very solid first season in orange and black, signed a four-year, $13.4 million contract extension back in June. This is not quite the start you were hoping to hear about if you want him to repeat that strong season, but we’ll wait to panic much until we get closer to October 14.