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WATCH: Claude Giroux is a wonderful dork in World Cup of Hockey commercials

His name is shaved into someone’s chest. Because reasons.

The fun thing about international hockey tournaments is it gives us an excuse to watch and cheer for players outside of our own nationalities. Take Claude Giroux, for instance; he’s great, but he’s not American. What’s a Flyers fan to do when he’s wearing red and white instead of orange?

Well, of course, we can still appreciate him for his art - both on the ice and, uh, in commercials.

First up, there’s a very French commercial here, but even if you don’t speak a word of it, just wait until the 11 second mark or so...

That dude didn’t shave "CANADA" into his chest. He shaved "GIROUX". Good call, dude.

Also, please watch this commercial about mini-sticks and Giroux being a conniving thief and saboteur, if only because his dorky grin at the very start almost makes the entire thing on its own (and because he's probably thought of doing this in real life, too).

Poor Russia. Should’ve known better than to go up against Giroux like that.