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Pierre-Edouard Bellemare celebrates the end of 2016 with some very special memories

A certain empty net goal is right up there...

Happy New Year!

That’s what Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, like many others, was celebrating last night. Of course, part of that celebration involved reflecting on the year that was, and it’s no surprise how big of a role hockey played for him in 2016.

Amongst the personal moments - including a particularly special one, by the look of it - and that poor cat, hockey played a big part in Bellemare’s 2016.

The chance to play for Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey was no doubt big, and even more special as they surprised and made it all the way to the final.

But those two pictures on the top center and right are really special. Especially that middle one. The long, gruelling fight the Flyers had to go through to qualify for the playoffs... and it was Bellemare’s empty netter against the Penguins that made reality set in for them, that they had actually made it. Of course that would be a top moment of 2016, as was then actually playing in the postseason; that was incredible.

You kinda still get chills from it. So here’s to Bellemare’s year - and the rest of the Flyers’, too, as they look to do it once again.