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Let’s check in with the Philadelphia Flyers on vacation

Wayne Simmonds has the BEST news!

We’re still a couple of days away from more Philadelphia Flyers hockey, as the team is presently on their bye week.

And okay - things could have been going much better leading up to it. But hopefully the rest and relaxation will do them some good, right?

What better place to rest and relax than the beach? It looks like Claude Giroux, Nick Schultz, and Shayne Gostisbehere have really decided to get away, heading off to Turks and Caicos:

Four of the best❤

A photo posted by Ryanne Breton (@ryannehaileyb) on

In which Giroux is, like, irresistibly adorable??

A photo posted by Ryanne Breton (@ryannehaileyb) on

Look at him. Truly incredible.

Wayne Simmonds, meanwhile, has apparently decided to do the opposite. He’s not enjoying the beach; no, he’s up in the mountains...

11,700 feet and she said YES! I Love you @cryscorey #SimmondsandSimmonds

A photo posted by Wayne Simmonds (@wayne17simmonds) on

... getting engaged. What an All-Star.

Congrats to Mr. and the future Mrs. Simmonds! There’s no better way to spend a vacation, definitely.

Here’s to the Flyers coming back well-rested and ready to go again - in the meantime, it looks like things are going really well for all of them.