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Let’s talk about Wayne Simmonds fighting shirtless, for reasons


Wayne Simmonds is a very good hockey player. Further to that, though, he’s one of those good hockey players that can also fight. Remember, P.K. Subban does not want anyone fighting Wayne Simmonds.

Kevin Bieksa, though? Sure, why not?

It didn’t turn out to be much of a fight - and losing Simmonds in exchange for Bieksa was definitely a loss for the Flyers - but in a more accurate way, we were all winners, because in the midst of the short fight Bieksa somehow got all of Simmonds’ jersey, pads, and under armour off.

It’s probably the best thing Bieksa has ever done in his life.

Tumblr user the-ghost-bear helps us out here, too:

There is nothing about this that is not good.

Also he had an assist, five shots on net, and helped the Flyers at least get a point, so that was nice, too. But as things stand right now, Simmonds is definitely the MVP of 2017.