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Michal Neuvirth has a new mask, and it’s outstanding

Look good, play good, right?

Michal Neuvirth is expected to be back in the starter’s net for the Philadelphia Flyers. Coming off of their bye, they’re almost certainly hoping to get back in the win column - hopefully rested, relaxed, and ready to resume the level of play that saw them win so often in December.

And for it, Neuvirth has a bit of a new look.

That is striking. Hey, if the Flyers are going to include gold in their 50th anniversary jerseys, who’s to say their goalies shouldn’t have fun with it, too? The colors on Neuvirth’s mask really stand out.

So does the chin, featuring past Flyers goalie greats - there’s Bernie Parent, there’s Ron Hextall - as great an homage one can probably have, giving this year for celebrating the Flyers’ history.

Here’s to this new mask leading to a lot of stops, too - then it’ll really be golden.