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Wednesday Morning Fly By: More like LAMEgers am I right!!!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

NHL: New York Rangers at Philadelphia Flyers
It took a while to dig up a picture from that last Flyers/Rangers game that wasn’t super depressing.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

* Wanna read a bunch of words about how great Wayne Simmonds is? Well, of course you do. You can find these words in SBN’s NHL All Star Game preview: [SBNation]

* Meanwhile, if you want to hear some yelling about the Flyers, here’s this week’s episode of BSH Radio: [BSH]

* What’s the magic number as far as standings points that the Flyers will need to reach the playoffs this year? [Courier-Post]

* Whatever that number is, they’ll continue their push for that number tonight and tomorrow night, as they get ready to face the Rangers and Leafs: [CSN Philly]

* Elsewhere in the NHL, a trade happened yesterday! An actual trade! It was not one of much significance, as San Jose sent Tommy Wingels to Ottawa for two minor leaguers. [Fear the Fin] [Silver Seven]

* Patrick Marleau had a four-goal game on Monday night. Just how rare is that, anyways? [Puck Daddy]

* Speaking of Marleau, is he a Hall of Famer? [The Hockey News]

* Looking at how various accomplished NHL goal-scorers get their goals: [Sportsnet]

* Good news for fans of Fun Hockey, as Patrik Laine returned to the ice last night after getting injured a couple of weeks ago: [NBCSports]

* Finally, with the All-Star game coming up, DGB asks: what’s the worst roster you could build of players who were named to NHL All-Star teams? [Sportsnet]