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Thursday Morning Fly By: We see you, Steve.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at New York Rangers Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

* The Flyers won a hockey game last night! Against the Rangers! In New York! Mostly because Steve Mason and Jakub Voracek did good sports things! Recap: [BSH]

* At intermission of said game, Bob McKenzie talked about Flyers prospects and how they’re good and stuff: [Sons of Penn]

* Charlie was on the Hockey PDOcast talking a lot about this strange Flyers season, and also a little bit about Joel Embiid: [Hockey PDOcast]

* Can Nick Cousins hang on what’s become the Flyers’ second line? [Courier-Post]

* The players talk a bit about some of the changes the team’s made on the power play lately: [CSN Philly]

* Good night all around the organization, too: the Phantoms picked up a 7-2 win over Binghamton, highlighted by a Danick Martel hat trick: [Highland Park Hockey]

* At All-Star Weekend, the NHL is releasing a list of the Top 100 NHL Players Of All Time. Who are some current players who are probably going to be right on the bubble? [The Hockey News]

* Speaking of, Evgeni Malkin won’t play in the All-Star Game: [Pensburgh]

* So who should replace him? [Puck Daddy]

* Maybe it’s Snoop Dogg! Or maybe not. But he’ll be performing at the All-Star Game. Also, I thought he went by Snoop Lion now? []

* The NHL isn’t funding any sort of concussion-related research the way that other sports leagues are. Is that a problem? [SBNation]

* Examining this year’s Bruins, who seem like they should be a lot better than their record currently says they are: [FiveThirtyEight]

* On that note, Brad Marchand will have a hearing today for a trip on Detroit’s Niklas Kronwall: [Stanley Cup Of Chowder]

* Finally, yesterday Bell Media had its annual #BellLetsTalk day in which it raised money for mental health research and awareness. Our own Allison wrote a piece about how hockey and sports help us in dealing with the crap our minds occasionally put us through: [BSH]