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Steve Mason gets new gear for a young goalie who had his equipment stolen

Mason’s doing good on and off the ice this week!

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hockey is an expensive sport - especially if you’re a goalie.

Which is why it was probably all the more devastating when Jake Mattice, a grade 8 student in Belleville, Ontario, had his goalie equipment stolen from his dad’s car. Who does that? Steals a kid’s gear? That’s low.

Via Quinte News, enter: Steve Mason, who has been playing pretty well with his own gear as of late, to help save the day.

Mason is also from Ontario - though not quite Belleville distance - and was one of thousands who caught news of the theft. Considering how Mason is someone who tends goal for a living, he obviously saw a way he could help, and has ended up getting Mattice new equipment.

The gear isn’t expected to get there until Feb. 4, but hopefully Jake will get the chance to break it in and show it off as soon as possible! From one goalie to another, this is an awesome story.