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Claude Giroux has some advice for Wayne Simmonds at the All-Star Game

Keep your shirt on. You know. If you gotta.

Claude Giroux has been to the All-Star Game before. Wayne Simmonds has not.

So like any good captain, Giroux had some advice for his teammate.

Aw, G cares.

This, of course, is a call back to when Simmonds made literally everyone’s day by somehow losing everything in a fight with Kevin Bieksa.

With obligatory creepy Corey Perry. Fortunately he isn’t there, so Simmonds won’t have to watch out for him!

Simmonds does appear to be listening to Giroux, though.

Well... I mean... he doesn’t have to, does he? Isn’t the All-Star Game for doing stuff you wouldn’t do in a normal game? Wouldn’t this be the time, if there ever was one, to actually lose the jersey and the underarmour and everything?

Though it is Simmonds’ choice. Maybe he’ll go with Giroux, after all... or maybe he’ll surprise us.

Either way, as long as there are some good three-on-three goals, we’ll all be winners!