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Kimmo Timonen went on a cross-Atlantic adventure

What a way to spend retirement.

Kimmo Timonen is no longer a professional hockey player. Then again, he’s 41 years old and a Stanley Cup Champion; he’s earned it.

So what to do when you’re retired? Apparently, you go on a cross-Atlantic trip. By boat.

captain kimmo vs the Atlantic is about to begin

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Well, that’s really ambitious - and quite the way to spend the new year!

Anyway, looks like Timonen finally made it.

That’s a bit longer than 22 days between social media posts, but considering the work that has to go into crossing a literal ocean, not to mention the likely perils at points during travel, the gap is understandable.

Either way, though: wow. Good to see it went well! And I suppose there wouldn’t be much reason to do it again if you’ve already done it once. Definitely not like Kimmo has to prove himself to anyone.

He’s retired at a relatively young age, but it’s cool to see he’s still out and about like this! Timonen is badass.