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30 Thoughts: on Claude Giroux’s draft day, Philippe Myers, and Ed Snider

It’s all great stuff from Elliotte Friedman, as usual.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Four Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

There was a lot of Philadelphia Flyers goodies in Elliotte Friedman’s weekly 30 Thoughts column this week. Some of it related to their actual play (#17, #18), but it’s the stuff off the ice that’s a bit more interesting to discuss, I think.

After all, for the most part, we can see pretty much everything that goes on on the ice. We don’t know what’s going on off of it; we can only speculate as to that. So glimpses into that off-ice world? They’re awesome.

Take, for example, #20, on why Bob Clarke flubbed Claude Giroux’s name when the Flyers were selecting him at 22nd overall back in 2006:

According to MacLean, Philly was going to take Trevor Lewis. But the Kings took Lewis 17th, which annoyed Philadelphia, since Hextall had just left for California. Clarke was flustered.

Well, Lewis, in 461 games played, has 101 points. Giroux, in 613, has 549. Giroux has more points than games Lewis has played, so I think that one worked out pretty well for them!

I also love the quote in #19 on Philippe Myers. The kid has been a revelation lately, and it’s pretty brutal he suffered a concussion during the World Juniors, where he was playing as Canada’s top defenseman. But complacency at simply having found him doesn’t sit well:

The GM said something along the lines of, “Instead of patting ourselves on the back, we wonder why we didn’t draft him in the first place.”

In fairness, 29 other GMs can ask that same question. Also in fairness, some guys are simply late bloomers; but it’s good the Flyers did end up picking him up right before he broke out.

And finally, #16, on the impact Ed Snider had on his team:

The late Ed Snider was such a massive presence atop the organization. Does it change without his force? Is there any worry about Comcast’s interest in keeping the team? “No, I don’t have any worry,” Hextall replied. A major reason is Comcast-Spectacor president Dave Scott has been around for two years. “He and Mr. Snider communicated a lot of passion with each other. He cares about our history. I don’t see any issues. I feel more like it’s up to myself and Paul Holmgren to uphold the standards of 50 years. The Flyers are the Flyers. We’re going to continue on the tradition.”

That’s really good to hear. Snider was such a force, and they stay his team.