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Steve Mason has new gear for the Flyers’ Stadium Series game

He’s going all-in on the black and orange.

The Philadelphia Flyers play their Stadium Series game against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Heinz Field on Feb. 25, and they’re probably going to look pretty cool out there.

Steve Mason, in particular, appears to be going all-in - at least, if the first look at his special pads are any occasion.

It’s most important, of course, that a goalie is comfortable with his pads and has them broken it; aesthetics take a back seat to that. That said, badass pads are always welcome, and these are going to look great with the Flyers’ black jerseys.

Oh, and it looks like his glove to match is in, too:

Every glove meticulously constructed by hand. #B⭐ #brians #subzero3 #customgoalcompany #canadianmade #efoam

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Here’s to Mason’s recent uptick in play keeping up through the rest of the season - both for the Flyers’ sake, and also because it would be a real shame to let this awesome gear go to waste.