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Steve Mason has a new mask, and it captures the Flyers perfectly

This is as good a 50th anniversary mask as you’ll ever find.

Steve Mason is in the midst of his fifth season as a Flyer. Throughout his Philly tenure, he’s played very well; unfortunately, there have been some hiccups this season.

So why not change things up a little? You never know what it is that’s gonna get someone going, and goaltending is very mental, after all.

Specifically: Mason has a new mask, and whoa, is it ever good.

From Ed Snider to Gene Hart, the Broad St. Bullies and everything in between, that’s as Flyers a mask as you’re ever going to get. It’s not too flashy, either; just a great mix of portraits with orange splashed in - and a great golden cage to go with the Flyers’ 50th anniversary jerseys.

Hopefully it helps get Mason going - because that’s a sweet lid, and it’d be awesome to see it in some wins.