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Claude Giroux took a puck to the groin in warmups the other day

It’s not a football, but it’s still pretty hilarious.

The Philadelphia Flyers beat the Tampa Bay Lightning, and all rejoiced. Claude Giroux picked up an assist on their third goal of the game - the one that ended up being the game winner, coming barely a minute after the Flyers took the lead.

It’s a good thing he was so fired up!

The moment in question that got him fired up? Well...

I mean, that’s something that’s guaranteed to wake you up, isn’t it?

Now... who’s the guy that shot it? He is very conveniently not identified.

That doesn’t change a couple of things, though. Number one: Giroux is the master of spin. A teammate nails you in that general area and you call it getting fired up. That’s the best possible way to handle this.

Number two: I can’t stop watching this. It’s hilarious. This is like, football-to-the-groin levels.

EXACTLY like it.