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Checking out the competition: Washington Capitals with Adam Stringham

The boys are finally at home and we’re getting ready with our friends from Japer’s Rink

Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s home opener day!!! After what has felt like a million years, the Flyers are finally back in action tonight, at home, against those Washington Capitals.

Adam Stringham from Japers’ Rink sat down with us to have a little chat about what we should expect from tonight’s game. Topics include:

  • Should we expect Alex Ovechkin to continue his tear?
  • What are Capitals fans expecting from a very tough Metro Division?
  • What’s it like for other team’s to have questionable players on the back end?

Here’s hoping The Farg is on fire tonight when the boys take the ice. If you’re headed to the game, be sure to stop by the Broad Street corner of Lot D to hang out with the BSH fam ahead of puck drop. Game starts at 7PM and will air locally on NBC Sports Philly.