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Tuesday Morning Fly By: You’re welcome, Coyotes fans

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Kate Frese

*Does your team need it’s first win of the season?? Well then you need the Flyers! Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh recap.

*So remember how we were all so excited about Samuel Morin being called up ahead of last night’s game? Well it turned out he was hurt too. How does the organization not know this before making the call? It’s so weird. Anyhoo welcome to the party, Mark Alt. []

*What should we expect if Shayne Gostisbehere has to be out for a long while? [NBC Sports Philly]

*So, you may have noticed that Brian Elliott plays a rather....unconventional style in net. []

*Speaking of the Flyers goaltending, it’s been very up and down so far this season. [BSH]

*Let’s check in on the kiddos! Morgan Frost and Oskar Lindblom in particular have been lighting it up lately. [BSH]

*Also a good week for Tanner Lacynski and Cooper Marody, which is cool since we don’t hear a ton about those two. [NBC Sports Philly]

*And finally, the Metro Division remains absolutely nuts, so we’re in for a ride for sure this season. [Sporting News]