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Getting to know the competition: Anaheim Ducks

The final game of the California road trip has arrived with tonight’s game against the Ducks

Kate Frese / SB Nation

We are well accustomed to Flyers fans not being allowed to have nice things. Turns out Anaheim feels the same way!

Heading into tonight’s contest against an injury-riddled Anaheim Ducks team, BSH Radio’s Charlie O’Connor sits down with CJ Woodling from Anaheim Calling to discuss the last of the Flyers’ west coast road trip games. Topics of discussion include:

  • What will the Ducks do tonight in Ryan Getzlaf's absence?
  • Who's an under-the-radar player on the Ducks that Flyers fans should know about heading into tonight?
  • What's a weakness for Anaheim that the Flyers can exploit tonight?

And more!

You can get CJ’s answers at the video below. Thanks to CJ for taking the time to speak with us. Tonight’s game begins at 10:00 p.m. ET.