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BSH Radio presents a special Patreon preview

Six (6) episodes

Kate Frese

Before the start of the season, we announced that we would be expanding our podcast offerings onto the Patreon platform. We have seen a tremendous amont of support in a very short period of time and are quite frankly stunned by the positive reception. The Flyers just won and we’re in a good mood, we want to share some of the content we’ve created.

In this special Patreon preview we've included six podcasts that were previously only available for our Patrons. You get the first three episodes of our brand new Ice Sport Radio show, which covers the entire NHL, and you get three episodes of the recently relocated YELLING ABOUT SPORTS with Bill and Steph.

Maybe you considered signing up for our extra Patreon content but weren’t sure of what will be different about this content from what we already provide weekly. If you decide you like what you hear, you can find the rest of our Patreon content here:

Thanks for listening!