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Friday Morning Fly By: Wrap them all in bubble wrap

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Arizona Coyotes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

*The Flyers won the game last night! And somehow, didn’t lose Sean Couturier after that gross hit by Brayden Schenn, who is now dead to us all. Good things all around. RECAPROTHENCAP.

*Anyhoo, what’d we learn from Wednesday’s big fat stinker of a hockey game? Some stuff, it turns out. [BSH]

*We must stay strong in these dark times, so let’s focus on some good stuff. First up, Mike Vecchione, who is killing it with the Phantoms right now. []

*Philippe Myers might not be ready for a call-up just yet, but the Phantoms believe he’s on the same path as Travis Sanheim. Which would be very good for us. [Courier-Post]

*But yeah we’re going through a bit of a rough patch here with this team thanks to injuries. As demonstrated by last night’s defense which was uh...just a little green. [BSH]

*The rest of the Olympic hockey jerseys have been revealed and it would appear only Sweden has escaped unscathed. [TSN]

*Former goalie Corey Hirsch talked to some current NHLers to learn about the importance of being a backup goalie. [Sportsnet]

*And speaking of goalies, let’s look at a few that you’re likely to be underrating. [ESPN]

*And finally, did you catch this week’s BSH Radio? If you haven’t you’re missing Bill say “Reese’s” correctly. Slide on into the weekend with us. [BSH]