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Flyers 5, Flames 2: Wins, baby!

What is this feeling???

Flyers vs. Flames 11.18.17
Kate Frese / SB Nation

Welp, that’s all, folks. The game is over and Twitter is on fire. Everything is on fire.

But, like, in a good way.

The Flyers opened the game in much the same way as they have through this streak, bringing some energy and sending the puck into Calgary’s zone on the first shift, before relinquishing control, giving the Flames a chance to fire a shot in on Brian Elliott who had some trouble controlling.

The early part of the period saw a fair bit of back and forth, but fairly little actual activity. Your eyes track the back and forth. Maybe a shot. But pretty quiet. But then..

Danger! A Flyers turnover led to a Flames odd man rush into the offensive zone, with Monahan squaring up for a shot, but Elliott flexed his strength in containing it, giving the Flyers a chance to break out of the zone to bring some pressure of their own. But, of course, it was for naught, as they couldn’t convert, even when presented with a flash of open net.

And more chances! Mere moments later Jordan Weal was sprung on a pass from Provorov for a breakaway, but squaring off with Fisher, couldn’t chip it home.

The Flyers got their first power play opportunity of the evening inside the nine-minute mark, with Konecny drawing a holding penalty on Mark Stone. But was it even a power play? The Flyers spent most of the time trying to get a cycle going, or just plain get the puck back into the zone after being cleared. An uneventful attempt, and the Flames nullified it with ease.

The back and forth was broken up from there, as the Flames tightened up and left the Flyers struggling to move the puck through the neutral zone. Turnovers abound, and the Flyers were left scrambling.

One of their more extended pushes came from the fourth line of Laughton, Leier, and Weal, as they were finally able to get the Flames hemmed into their own zone. But the story remained the same--a bit of pressure, but no results.

(Sidebar: is Jordan Weal a honey bee now? Do they have to find an new nickname, now that Raffl’s off the line? How does this work?)

But while we were musing on nicknames, with a stretch pass from the blue line, Lazar got the puck on net, and with Elliott leaving it unprotected, Brouwer was able to collect the rebound and tap it in.

But the lead didn’t last long. The Flyers sent the puck into the Flames’ zone, and after some unsuccessful pressure and attempts to generate from behind the net, the puck was sent out past the circles to Andrew MacDonald, who would pause, and then send it into traffic, where Filppula/Raffl* would easily tap it into the open net.

*They would ultimately give the goal to Filppula, his seventh of the season.

Heading into the first intermission, Raffl said that he and Filppula got half a goal, each. And I’ll take it.

AFTER ONE: Flyers 1, Flames 1

The Flyers brought some extra energy with the start of the second period. They drove the puck into the offensive zone and were able to generate some initial pressure and chances, giving the start of the period a look of promise.

But the story that soon took over? Turnovers in the neutral zone turning possession in the Flames’ favor, as they drove the puck into the Flyers’ zone and peppered Elliott with shots before catching him in the chin. He would pull off his mask, perhaps not properly secured, and the play was stopped.

A takeaway by Gaudreau inside five minutes gave him a chance for a breakaway. Elliott stopped his shot with a glove save, but not before MacDonald gave him a bit of a hook, for which he was penalized. And the Flyers headed to their first penalty kill of the night.

With a handful of scoring chances in the Flames’ power play, the Flames were able to generate some clear pressure, but the efforts of Elliott and their penalty killers kept them from converting. But with the penalty killed, the Flames still kept the puck in the zone until it was sprung by MacDonald. And with the puck back in Calgary’s zone, all the Flyers needed was a point shot from Gostisbehere, a tip by Laughton just to be safe, and they were able to pick up their first lead of the game.

But we’re not done! The second line came up big again. Winning the draw on the subsequent faceoff, they were able to collect the puck and start the rush into the Flames’ zone. And with a feed by Voracek through traffic to Raffl, the Flyers extended their lead to two. Two goals. Twenty five seconds. Will they blow it? We’ll see.

And then the Flyers were given another gift. Tied up in the corner, the officials called Frolik for a high stick on Couturier that was actually a MacDonald high stick on Couturier. It would send the Flyers to their second power play of the evening. And after not much time at all, Couturier would send the puck into the crease for Simmonds to do what he does best, and just knock the puck into the net.

But after a bit more run and gone, the scales would be evened. After the missed call on the high stick on Couturier, the officials dealt a hooking penalty on Provorov. And the Flyers had to kill off another.

After a run of effective clearing, near disaster struck, as the Flames brought the puck back in, Elliott left the crease and was spilled behind the net. But the Flyers were able to keep the puck tied up in the corner long enough for him to get back. And with one final clear by Couturier, the penalty was killed. Hooray.

And after some more back and forth, some pushing and shoving, the Flames pushed harder for possession and got it. With a turnover in the neutral zone, the Flames stormed back into the Flyers’ zone. Missing an initial shot, Monahan collected the rebound and shot a laser in on Elliott from the circles, and cut the deficit to two.

AFTER TWO: Flyers 4, Flames 2

Twenty more minutes of hockey, guys. Maybe things will go well. I’m typing this during intermission. Even I don’t know what’s next.

With the third period underway, the run and gun re-commenced, giving the first minute a lot of movement, but not a lot of real activity. But with the fourth line back on the ice, they went to work in establishing their presence in the Flames’ zone. And they’d cash in yet again, as a power move around the net by Weal was passed to Laughton, who’d fire it into the net and bring the lead back to three.

With play recommencing, it was stopped just as quickly, as Weise took a hit up high, hit the ice, and ultimately head straight off to the locker room. Hamonic would be given a match penalty for an illegal hit to the head. And the Flyers would kick off their five minute power play opportunity.

And it was a quiet one, all in all. The Flyers brought presence to the offensive zone, but the Flames kept the puck cleared, and were even able to spring Hathaway for a breakaway. It was neutralized, and the Flyers were eventually able to push the Flames out of the Philadelphia zone. But they couldn’t convert on their chances. And back to even strength hockey we went.

And somehow time slowed down in the minutes after the major power play, as the Flyers sat back and gave the Flames a bit more room to work with (but not too much). But with an energy boost inside the last five minutes, Calgary kicked things into overdrive and gave the Flyers a bit of tighter competition.

But the clock ticked down. The Flames pushed. Inside one minute. Oh my god they’re gonna do it. Twenty seconds, tied up in the Flyers’ zone. Cleared. And that’s the end.

The first win since November 9th. Oh my god. The light is back. We are reborn.

FINAL: Flyers 5, Flames 2.

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