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Wednesday Morning Fly By: We’ve finally got a win ... now what?

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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Kate Frese / SB Nation

* Did you watch Monday’s victory, but still want to relive the excitement? You can check out Bill’s post-game reactions here. [BSH]

* Already got the feelings out? Need some numbers and notes in your life? Well, Kyle’s got you covered. [BSH]

* Still not feeling sated? Need even more observations? Well, you’re in luck. To celebrate the Flyers snapping their winless streak, the Athletic unlocked Charlie’s ten observations from the Flames game. Get at that free content, pals. [The Athletic]

* Not breaking news: it’s been a rough start to the season for the Flyers. But can they still salvage this season? They’ll need to act fast, and may now be heading in the right direction. [Philly Voice]

* Our old pal Matt Read has been plugging away down in Allentown, but is still ready to get his next shot back up in the NHL. [Courier Post]

* Forbes just dropped their ranking of most valuable NHL teams. Let’s see where the Flyers fall. [Forbes]

* The Olympic drama just keeps on rolling, but it’s not just the NHL at the center, this time. [Sportsnet]

* It’s another week and we’ve got a new set of power rankings. And the Flyers are right around where you’d expect them to be. [Puck Daddy]

* So you may have heard that the NHL may be getting a new team in Seattle. It’s still early, but the buzz is already starting. The league may be looking at a brand new team, and Greg Wyshynski dives into the name game. [ESPN]

* And in a bit more off the ice news, the Toronto Maple Leafs made their annual children’s hospital visit and, you guys, it was so sweet. [Puck Daddy]