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The Philadelphia Flyers went all out in celebrating Valentine’s Day

“Can we not... do that... please?”

Valentine’s Day: it’s a day for love.

Or, if you’re a professional hockey team, a day to subject your players to goofy puns and general awkwardness.

Such was the life of the Philadelphia Flyers in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, in which many of them were subjected to an adorable photoshoot in order to wish you a happy V Day.

You need cards? The Flyers have got cards, just for you. Michael Del Zotto’s mixtape one is my favorite because of course. (But the apparent fact they could not get Jakub Voracek to participate - that one is also up there.)

What’s better than cards, though? Awkward outtakes. Very adorably awkward outtakes, and the Flyers have those, too.

There are so many baby faces who are so awkward! I love almost all of them. A lot of them look like they really need an adult, though. Someone help and/or free them.