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Flyers at Oilers recap: Can we not?

Well, that game sure was a real hockey stick to the midsection.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

As we did last night, tonight we’ll walk you through an uninspiring Flyers loss — this one a 6-3 defeat at the hands of the Edmonton Brandon Manning Haters, also known in some circles as the Edmonton Oilers — that you hopefully did not stay up late to watch by way of our minute-by-minute reactions. Enjoy.


8:30 p.m.: I think we get a goal from Ghost tonight. Call it a hunch.

8:43 p.m.: Also it would be fun if we got something cool from Jordan Weal. Guy had more shots on goal yesterday than he did in the first 15 games of his NHL career combined. Gonna have to get on the scoresheet soon if he wants to make his presence here a bit more pronounced, but the performance has been solid even without them.

9:01 p.m.: Hey guys Brandon Manning and Connor McDavid apparently got in a fight or something did you know that? You’d think more people would talk about that.

9:08 p.m.: We are underway! Also, the Flyers are dressing seven defensemen? I don’t quite understand but hey not like anything else is working. MDZ in the lineup, Lyubimov out.

9:10 p.m.: Pat Maroon has a chance snuffed out in front by Manning, his former Phantoms teammate. Did we ever figure out what on earth happened with Pat Maroon with the Flyers? Like, whose Cheerios did he take a shit in?

9:13 p.m.: Well that’s nice. Great up-ice pass from Iiro Pakarinen leads to a 2-on-1 for the Oilers and Matt Hendricks fires a low shot that Michal Neuvirth absolutely has to stop (but doesn’t). 1-0 Oilers, just 2:14 into the game. Good start!

9:14 p.m.: Hang on. Flyers challenge for offsides. Doubt it gets overturned though? It’s close though? Question mark?

9:16 p.m.: Goal stands. Timeouts are overrated anyways.

9:17 p.m.: Is the coach’s challenge good? I feel like it’s not good. Taking this much time out of the game to overturn goals that may have been eight millimeters offsides seems like an inefficient way to do this.

9:19 p.m.: On that note, what if we just got rid of offsides? I’ve seen smart people propose this idea and I think I like it? Would be a kinda fun way to increase offense. I don’t know. Maybe I’m nuts.

9:26 p.m.: Manning actually controls the puck for the first time in the game and is promptly booed by the fans. Do you think any player in NHL history that’s less noteworthy than Brandon Manning has had that happen to them in a game?

9:28 p.m.: CSN broadcast just showed us an angle we didn’t actually get on the coach’s challenge, which...I don’t think told us anything new. Pretty sure the call was right.

9:36 p.m.: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Flyers are leading the Oilers in shots so far, but precisely none of them have been from what you’d call a “high-percentage” area. (In fairness, the Oilers also have mostly been kept out of the high-danger zones, but, sometimes, goaltending doesn’t quite do what you’re expecting it to.)

9:38 p.m.: I still can’t believe the Oilers traded Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. Absurd.

9:41 p.m.: Flyers will get a power play as Milan Lucic has hit ... who else! Brandon Manning. Who apparently is down on the ice, to the delight of a cheering Edmonton crowd. (Only in Philly, they say...) I don’t know what happened yet they didn’t show us a replay and we’re on commercial.

9:44 p.m.: Oh so that’s how we’re playing things tonight. Milan Lucic, noted spearer of players in the testicles (this is a thing he does) (it’s happened on multiple occasions) (three other times, according to Lucic himself) (wait he said that in 2014 turns out he did it again last year), speared Brandon Manning in the testicles ... and Manning was then called for embellishment, to go along with a “slashing” penalty on Lucic. To 4-on-4 we go. That’s nice. That’s really great.

9:46 p.m.: And then Draisaitl scores in the 4-on-4. Off an icing faceoff, Couturier’s stick breaks, he goes and the young German gets open in front to redirect a Nugent-Hopkins shot. Sports are bad.

9:48 p.m.: Folks I am not happy.

9:53 p.m.: Aaaaaand the best chance of the night for the Flyers comes and goes without even getting a shot off as Voracek can’t handle a quick pass in front. And then Edmonton turns around the other way and gets three decent chances on Neuvirth and the Flyers’ net, but nothing comes of it and they’ll have to settle for a 2-0 lead going into the locker room.

9:54 p.m.: Scuffles taking place near the tunnels as the teams head to the locker room. Someone got into it with Simmonds. I’m sure that’ll go well for that guy. Just give me this, hockey gods. Not like anything else good is happening tonight.

10:04 p.m.: Here’s something nice, in the event anyone here needs a (retrospective) intermission pick-me-up.

10:12 p.m.: I’m just now noticing this, but cripes, what is Todd McLellan’s suit?

10:13 p.m.: Alright fine let’s get this go—HOCKEY GOAL FLYERS SCORED ONE

10:14 p.m.: Shades of 2015-16 Sean Couturier there, as he powered his way across the blue line with control and passed from the boards to the netfront, and that’s Radko Gudas of all people in front to knock the puck in (off his skate). Take ‘em how you get ‘em.

10:19 p.m.: Jordan Weal hasn’t been on the bench all period. Flyers have 10 healthy forwards currently in the lineup. May as well just start playing Del Zotto as a forward, right?

10:21 p.m.: Jake Voracek has a chance to tie it on the breakaway but doesn’t get much of a shot off and Talbot closes the pads on him. Jake’s looked good this period, as he has for the last two games.

10:25 p.m.: Aaaaand that will come back to haunt them. Just a brutal defensive shift sees McDavid and co. dance around the netfront, culminating in a Jordan Eberle roof-shot to widen the margin back to two. Quite the unfortunate turn of events here.

10:27 p.m.: And then a point shot bounces off of Brandon Manning’s leg and then off of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ leg and past Neuvirth. 4-1. Sure. This is fine.

10:33 p.m.: And there’s the Brandon Manning fight that we all knew would happen at some point. Spirited bout with Maroon, who grabs Manning right of the faceoff and ultimately gets the better of the scrap there. Can we just fast-forward to the end of the game now?

10:37 p.m.: Oh hey something new! Flyers get their first power play of the game and come out with Gostisbehere and Provorov both up at the points on the top PP and Voracek out with the second unit. Not sure it’s the way I’d go here, but after the egg that the power play laid last night, I guess I get it.

10:39 p.m.: It didn’t lead to any goals.

10:44 p.m.: I will not have a temper tantrum about the CSN Fearless Play Of The Game.

10:46 p.m.: it’s 5-1 now who cares

10:50 p.m.: Flyers just had a power play I think? Arguably? Like, it said “power play” on the TV but it didn’t really look different from 5-on-5 play?

10:51 p.m.: Oh hey a goal! Even in terrible games like this, Wayne Simmonds knows how to make me happy, even despite the muted response from the Train.

11:04 p.m.: Jordan Weal is out for the rest of the game. Lucky him, he doesn’t have to watch the rest of this game! (In all seriousness, this is a bummer and hopefully it’s not too serious.)

11:20 p.m.: There’s been one shot on goal, total, in the first six minutes of this period. Congrats for showing up, everybody.

11:23 p.m.: Back on the power play. Voracek back on PP1. Probably for the best; that group’s been cold before and is now but usually they break through eventually. May as well let them try and work it out.

11:24 p.m.: It worked out! Schenn tips home a cross-ice pass from Voracek and the Flyers have scored three regulation-time goals for the first time in a month. Still not exactly getting my hopes up for a comeback here, but this is now, in theory, a hockey game.

11:40 p.m.: McDavid scores off a neutral zone turnover. He is good at sports, it turns out. Not that a comeback was ever particularly likely but we can pretty much put this one away.

11:49 p.m.: The Flyers have lost eight straight games in Western Canada. Just looking at this season, they’ve scored three or fewer goals in 14 straight games, they’re about to be caught in the standings by Buffalo. Everything is pain.

11:50 p.m.: And my “Ghost scores a goal” prediction didn’t even come true. I’m going to bed.


Off until Sunday night in Vancouver. One last post-8:00 p.m. start time this season. We can make it. The struggle is real, but we can make it. Go Flyers.