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Monday Morning Fly By: Hockey, like life, is still pretty terrible.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

*Another weekend, another bunch of dumb stupid Flyers hockey games in the bag. Friday night they were in Edmonton crapping all over the ice. RECAP!

*Charlie brings you ten things to uh...learn, I guess, from another crappy hockey game. [BSH]

*Then last night the Flyers were in Vancouver, doing stuff I guess. No idea I was sleeping.

*Big discussion prior to last night's game was the regression of Claude Giroux, which is obviously less than ideal. [CSN Philly]

*Dale Weise made his way back into the lineup to replace the injured Jordan Weal. Maybe he'll do some stuff this time. [Inquirer] [CSN Philly]

*Speaking of it time to break up the Flyers veteran core? Might be, folks. Might be. [Inquirer]

*Because what if the problem isn't the coach, it's the the players aren't good enough to play his system? [Daily News]

*Whatever here is some not-terrible negative stuff: the top five in our mid-season 25 Under 25. Bright future hooray! [BSH]

*And finally, the NHL bye week was a stupid idea and shockingly no one likes it. [ProHockeyTalk] [Puck Daddy]