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The Flyers are so bad that NBCSN is ditching its national broadcast of tonight’s game

lol we’re so bad

Citing Economic Downturn, NBC Universal Cuts 2009 Budget By 3 Percent Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

NBCSN was supposed to broadcast tonight Flyers vs. Avalanche game — the final game for each team before Wednesday’s trade deadline — on national television across the entire United States of America.

But ... well, this is a terrible hockey game at Wells Fargo Center tonight. So much so that at 10:48 a.m. today, we made fun of it on Twitter.

Maybe NBC follows us on Twitter? Because we’ve since learned that NBCSN will not be showing Flyers vs. Avalanche on national TV tonight, divorcing it in favor of the eye candy that is Rangers vs. Capitals.

CSN Philly has coverage of tonight’s game in the Delaware Valley, as was the plan the whole time anyway. NBCSN will carry the broadcast in the Colorado market, and if you’re in the New York or Washington markets, you can also see Flyers vs. Avs on NBCSN.

If you were counting on NBCSN tonight, you can still live stream the game through Or just don’t watch the game. It’s gonna suck anyway.