Notes from the Flyers Town Hall Meeting

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The Flyers held a Town Hall Meeting for season ticket holders tonight, and well ... most of us at this site are not season ticket holders. But Ninf4 here is, and they very graciously provided this report on the evening's events in the FanPosts.

Thank them with Internet high fives. (You, too, can write FanPosts about anything you want right here.) Please note that BSH staff cannot confirm or deny any of the below in the report here, because like we already told you we weren't at the meeting, OK? OK. Here's Ninf4's report. We were serious about the Internet high fives. -Travis


Overall themes: Emphasis on developing young players, an obsession with the draft, not making any moves to break up current team.

I am paraphrasing, no direct quotes, except for one re: A-Mac:


- Comcast owns the Flyers. There is no individual who has a personal financial stake in the team. Dave Scott is the CEO of Comcast and likes the Flyers, but has no involvement in the team. Basically Hexy and Homer driving this ship. (Ed. note: minor thing, but Scott is the CEO of Comcast-Spectacor, which is the Comcast subdivision that owns the Flyers.)

- Holmgren is in favor of NHL players playing in the Olympics and the Flyers voted YES when the league vote was taken for the 2018 games.

-Asked if Hak was going to be fired and whether Hak was aggressive enough to coach in a city like Phila. Homer defended Hak, said he does things behind closed doors we don't see. Said Hak is not going anywhere, is part of the longterm plan for the team.


- Re: Ghost and TK benchings - analogized them to giving your children a "time out" (perhaps suggesting behavioral issues at play) in conjunction with them working on improving their game. Mentioned TK had no AHL experience so coming right from junior is a big jump and there are things he needs to work on. Emphasized both players are big part of the team's future.

- Loves the position the Flyers are in re: Vegas expansion draft. Opened to signing a goalie in order to sacrifice him to meet exposure requirements to protect Stolarz; strong indication they will not expose Stolarz. Seemed to want to protect Stolie.

- Said that other GMs are being heavily influenced by the Vegas expansion draft this year; impacting other GMs decision-making to an extremely large extent; said Flyers in much better shape to handle the expansion draft than most other teams. Said other GMs trying much harder than the Flyers to account and plan for Vegas draft as compared to Flyers.

-Hexy himself makes the final decision re: all players on the roster.

-Said July 1st is the worst day of the year for him. Said this year it will be very quiet for the Flyers.


- Acknowledged they have several pending UFA defensemen and that he expects several young defensemen on the team next year. Said they have several players in the system who are just about ready. Did not names names, but the expectation is that young players in the system will fill out the defense next season. Did not seem concerned they may be injecting multiple D rookies into team at one time; acknowledged the rookies will have ups and downs and that's part of the process.

- Said that if the young D guys have the attitude of Provorov, they'd be on the team and indicated they will do well if they fall in line w/ Provorov.

- Asked why A-Mac is getting top minutes when his Corsi is one of the worst in league ... questioner had specific statistics he cited to back up the question. Hak got all red in the face, and went on several minutes defending A-Mac. Flat out said A-Mac is a top 3 or 4 defensemen in the NHL. Specifically said "you can throw Corsi out the window." Hak seemed to legitimately believe A-Mac is a top defensemen, deserves top minutes. He said last year when he was sent down to AHL, his game was totally different and A-Mac has turned it around and become one of the best on the team. Hak doesn't like it when fans "boo" A-Mac when he makes a mistake on the ice during home games.

- Became very angry when someone asked how far the Flyers are away from Capitals and Penguins. Said they can compete with any team in the NHL. That was the last question directed to him. He left the room somewhat flustered. Looked like he was happy to get out of the room.

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