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Flyers trade Mark Streit to Tampa Bay Lightning for Valtteri Filppula, picks

The Lightning have flipped Streit to Pittsburgh.

2017 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series - Philadelphia Flyers v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images
Recapping the 2017 Flyers NHL trade deadline

The NHL trade deadline has come and gone. Let's recap the Flyers moves!

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The Flyers are officially sellers. Mark Streit, the team’s assistant captain on a contract that expires in June, has been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

In a subsequent deal, the Lightning flipped Streit to the ... Pittsburgh Penguins.

Forward Valtteri Filppula is coming back to Philadelphia. The Flyers also get Tampa’s fourth round pick in 2017 and a conditional seventh round pick in 2017. Frank Seravalli of TSN reports that the Flyers are eating a portion of Streit’s salary, which doesn’t really matter since it’s done in 20 games.

Filppula has one year left on his deal at $5 million against the cap, and Tampa has been trying to move him for other cap reasons.

One major implication here is that since Filppula has a no-movement clause in his contract, the Flyers will have to protect him in the upcoming expansion draft. (CapFriendly reports that this is indeed true.) That will take a spot away from another player, leaving more value up for grabs for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Filppula signed his big five-year, $25 million deal with the Lightning back in 2013, and he lived up to it in Year 1 with a 25 goal, 33 assist season. He’s come nowhere close to those numbers since, putting up 12 goals and 36 assists the following season, eight goals in 2015-16 and just seven goals this year.

In other words, his production has fallen off a cliff. Here’s what one advanced stats analyst says about his game:

It’s always possible that the Flyers will buy out the contract in the summer. That would leave them with a $1.667 million cap hit for the next two seasons instead of the $5 million hit that lasts for just next season. Could be worth it.

We will update this post with more information.