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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Where we’d never be put on the fourth line

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Ottawa Senators v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

* 10 observations from Sunday’s resounding victory over the Western Pennsylvania Flightless Birds: [BSH]

* On that note, our friends over at Pensburgh are doing a retrospective on the past decade of Penguins playoff series. Yesterday they talked about 2012. Enjoy! [Pensburgh]

* Dave Hakstol is a big fan of this arrangement that has Travis Konecny on the fourth line, because ... structure? [CSN Philly]

* Speaking of Hakstol, he spoke out about the ongoing USWNT conflict, which was good of him to do: [BSH]

* Some Senators (actual U.S. senators, not the Senators the Flyers will be facing tonight) (see what I did there? lol) also chimed in on the side of the players: [SBNation]

* Checking in on Sam Morin in his second season with the Phantoms: []

* And rounding up the playoff performances (so far) of some Flyers prospects: [CSN Philly]

* Elsewhere, there’s an obvious top four in the NHL right now, but who’s the league’s fifth-best team? [Sportsnet]

* The Red Wings’ playoff streak is done. How do they get back on track? Cripes, does their situation remind me of the one the Flyers were in not that long ago towards the end of the Holmgren era. [Winging It In Motown]

* The NHL is expected to announce preseason games in China in the near future: [TSN]

* Of the past decade’s two saddest-sack Canadian franchises, who’s closer to their next Cup, the Leafs or the Oilers? [Puck Daddy]

* Five guys who have had breakout seasons: [THN]

* Never too early to be eyeing the offseason, here are Sportsnet’s top 20 unrestricted free agents this summer. Featuring one Flyers defenseman! [Sportsnet]

* Lastly, our excellent photographer Kate talks a bit about her tale of becoming a hockey photographer: [BSH]