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Matt Read’s season is over due to injury

What about his Flyers career?

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, we wrote about how the Flyers signed Mike Vecchione to a contract, and how he’s the first real top-level college free agent to sign with the club since Matt Read did the same in 2011.

Vecchione will be joining the Flyers for the final four of five games of this season, and it’s fair to ask where exactly he’d fit into the lineup -- and who would sit in favor of him. But — well, we have our answer.

It’ll be Read coming out of the lineup.

This obviously ends Read’s season. The bigger question, perhaps, is whether it’s ended his Flyers career. He likely won’t be protected by the team in June’s expansion draft, and there’s a decent enough chance that he could be the one taken by the Vegas Golden Knights in the event.

In any event, it’s a bummer to see Read’s season cut a few games short due to injury. Whether he’s in Philadelphia next year or not, we wish him a speedy recovery.