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Guess the season contest results

A season of frustration was accurately called by 23VMDFly, who wins this year’s contest

Kate Frese / SB Nation

Greetings everyone,

At long last the season is over. Before it began I had a contest of a bunch of questions on what will happen during the coarse of the season. With the season over, it’s time to review the answers and crown a champion.

  1. The first shorthanded goal was scored by Brandon Manning of all people on Oct. 30 vs. the Hurricanes. You didn’t get that? Don’t worry, no else did either.
  2. The first goal of any kind was scored by Boyd Gordon of all people, and that represented his season total as well. Correctly guessed by zero of 237 entries.
  3. Brayden Schenn had the first fighting major of the season, on October 27 vs. the Coyotes. Thirteen got this right.
  4. Schenn also had the first hat trick against Dallas on December 10, and it was the only one of the season. This was correctly guessed by 38 people.
  5. Taylor Leier got the first minor-league callup of the year. Twenty-two got it right.
  6. Wayne Simmonds led the team in goals, with 31. Slightly more than half, 134, got this right.
  7. Claude Giroux led the team in assists, with 44. Slightly more than three-quarters, 182, got this right.
  8. Simmonds also led in PIM with 122. Forty correct entries here.
  9. Giroux led the team in power play points with 31. Exactly two-thirds got this right.
  10. In a rare good decision by Hakstol, Ivan Provorov led the team in total TOI this season, with 1802 minutes logged. Sixty entries, slightly more than half, got this correct.
  11. Now we get to the not-so-fun answers. The Flyers finished 6th in the division, as foretold by Jeffigatame and Kong.
  12. They finished with 88 points, well below the average response of 97 points. McClintock and 23VMDFlyers got this exactly right.
  13. They scored 219 goals this year, slightly lower than the 229 average. Four people got this exact.
  14. As first reported at Broad Street Hockey, the Flyers failed to make the playoffs. Only 7 of the 237 entries had this unfortunate fate correct.
  15. They completed two trades, with Straka going to the Devils and Streit going to Tampa at the deadline. Most entries were within one of two.
  16. Giroux finished with 58 points, well off the 76 expected from the entries. No exact answers here.
  17. Simmonds, as discussed previously, finished with 31 goals, which matched the average answer.
  18. Perhaps the biggest disappointment this year was the goaltending, which finished the year with a sour .901 save percentage, well off the .914 average answer.
  19. Voracek finished with 41 assists, good for second on the team behind Giroux. This is a bit off from the 48 average response.
  20. The Washington Capitals again won the President’s trophy with 118 points. A bit more than a third (87 out of 237) got it right.
  21. 6704 non-shootout goals were scored this year, a slight increase over past seasons. Mad props to Duffman for getting this one exactly right.
  22. Connor McDavid won what could be the first of many Art Ross trophies this year with 100 points. This more or less matched the average response of 101.
  23. A total of 26 players scored 30 or more goals this year. This matched the average answer.
  24. The home team won 688 times this year, as correctly guessed by ArcticFoxPhan85 and reedace. Answers to this one were all over the place, and averaged out to 782.
  25. Radko Gudas scored just as many goals as games he was suspended. A classic case of six one way, half dozen the other. Five points for everyone!
  26. The Flyers were involved in 24 OT contests this year, which is more than the 20 goals Voracek scored this season.
  27. I’m too lazy to look up the highest number of saves in a game for the Flyers, but I can assure you it’s more than the one game that Morin got into late in the season.
  28. Andrew MacDonald played almost twice as many games (73) than Ghost had points (39). I don’t wanna talk about it.
  29. And finally, Carson Wentz couldn’t maintain his hot start and finished with just over half as many TDs (16) as Simmonds had goals (31).

And now the reason you’re probably here: to see who won! Well, here are the top ten:

  1. 23VMDFly- 166.65
  2. Filthadelfia- 164.99
  3. gagne73- 158.59
  4. @MGabes19- 155.51
  5. Konecny’s Ozone- 153.39
  6. 31RHCP- 148.56
  7. flyers2148- 147.89
  8. lancegoodman- 147.79
  9. Bryzantine Empire- 143.1467
  10. Kanil- 142.4533

Congrats again to 23VMDFly, who takes home the championship this year. Thanks to everyone who played!